Website Design

We’ll help you get your new website off the ground, with a site that is mobile responsive, SEO friendly, easy to update and nice to look at. It will strengthen your online visibility with a look and feel that customers and search engines love.

Your website is often your customer’s introduction to you and your business, so why not start off with your best foot forward? Strengthen your online visibility with a responsive, mobile-optimized website that customers and search engines love.

Read a little bit about our process below, or contact us now to setup a consultation:

Our Process

Over the years we’ve come up with a website design process that allows us to work collaboratively with our clients. It is flexible, efficient, customizable and produces results quickly. Here’s a quick rundown of how it usually goes:

Step 1.) Understand

One of our highly experienced local marketing consultants will meet with you to talk about your business and your goals. Once you decide to use our services, our design team will ask what you like and don’t like about your current website, what your vision for the website is, and a description of your customers. We’ll also use this meeting to gather any existing marketing materials you have, for instance a logo or existing copy.

Step 2.) Create and Review

From the design discovery meeting we’ll produce a homepage mockup. You’ll be able to review this mockup, and then we’ll have a meeting to discuss what you like and what suggested edits you may have. From there, revisions will be made., We want to make sure what we’ve built matches the vision in your head!

Step 3.) Implement

Once you’re happy with how the homepage looks, we’ll move on to building out the rest of the supporting content for your site. If you have existing copy you want to use, that’s great. If not, we will interview you to work up collaborated content for your site.

Step 4.) Approve & Launch

Once the inside pages are set, we’ll have a meeting to review your new website. Upon final approval, your site will be launched!

Step 5.) Local Customer Service

After launch, we will remain available to support you and your website. We will train you on how to make simple changes and remain on standby to answer any questions or make requested changes to your site.