The Programmatic Video Solution For Small to Large Businesses:


  •  Enhanced Targeting to Reach Users Through Short-Form Video Across a Vast Network of Apps & Websites.  Leverage our expansive and ever-growing video inventory network to reach your desired audience. Our video advertisers excel in reaching audiences with pinpoint accuracy across numerous websites and mobile apps.  NNEdigital also provides advanced targeting options to connect with your ideal customers, whether they are avid shoppers, food enthusiasts, or business owners.  These are just a few examples of the many audiences that video advertisers can access through NNEdigital.  We offer intent-based (like retargeting) and segmented (like demographics) targeting solutions, ensuring you can reach your ideal audience with precision, no matter who they are.  For video advertisers, we grant access to our extensive programmatic video inventory network and apply these targeted strategies to reach your intended audience with accuracy.


  •  In-Depth, and Transparent Performance Metrics for Video-Specific Evaluation.  Analyze specific video performance by  using our comprehensive reporting structure. Our ad-level reporting provides insights into which video lengths, styles, and messaging resonate best with your audience. We supply ad-specific reporting metrics, including viewability, completion rate, mute rate, and more.  NNEdigital’s approach to, detailed, and transparent reporting offers an opportunity to optimize quickly and effectively. This leads to improved campaign performance and provides video advertisers with a deeper understanding of their target audience. This understanding enables advertisers to tailor future messaging based on data-driven insights. We prioritize performance and equip our partners with the tools they need to do the same.


  • Comprehensive Understanding of Campaign Performance Through Valuable Online & Offline Attribution Reporting.  Elevate your reporting with valuable online and offline attribution metrics, allowing you to analyze consumer behavior on your website and/or in physical stores. NNEdigital’s ad-level reporting enables video advertisers to directly link performance with results. With both online and offline capabilities, we shed light on the effectiveness of every advertising dollar spent.  Our online attribution allows us to connect online actions, such as sign-ups, registrations, and purchases, to specific video ads. Similarly, our offline capabilities attribute store visits to individual video ads. We also provide foot traffic lift measurements, offering a deeper analysis of campaign performance. This metric enables advertisers to observe the increase in visits resulting from video ads and compare it to those who did not see an ad, revealing the true impact.

Advanced targeting Advanced targeting and high level reporting and attribution for every campaign.

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Our Process

Over the years we’ve come up with a process that’s flexible, efficient, and produces results quickly. Here’s a quick rundown of how it usually goes:

Step 1.) Understand

One of our highly experienced local marketing consultants will meet with you to talk about your business and your marketing goals, the breadth of your campaign, targeted audiences and budget.

Step 2.) Create

Our design team works closely with you to discuss the factors of design and marketing that will inspire your customers/prospective customers to take notice.

Step 3.) Implement

We take all of the information we have gathered and create engaging digital display content.

Step 4.) Approve & Launch

Once the design and the call to action of the campaign are approved, we launch a campaign that is designed around the messaging we have discussed. and delivered to the audience that we have worked with you to choose.

Step 5.) Local Customer Service

We provide reliable, easy to understand, results of your campaign directly to you and help you determine what the next steps should be.