Are you ignoring your digital marketing because you don’t have time? Here are 6 tasks you can complete in under an hour to boost your businesses’ digital presence:

  1. Respond to 5 reviews. People review your business on sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Foursquare. Be genuine in your responses and treat each one individually, no copy and pasting the same response! Thank people for their positive reviews being specific (“Glad you enjoyed the french fries!”) and apologize for bad reviews and offer an offline solution (“Feel free to send us a private message to discuss a further resolution”)
  2. Write a blog post. Answer a question that people commonly have about your business or service in about 400 words and post it to your blog. Don’t have a blog? Read Ernesto’s article 5 Ways Blogs Boost Your Site’s SEO to find out why you should!
  3. Promote a local community event. Post a social status (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.) highlighting an event coming up in your community. Be sure to use mentions of the group/organization sponsoring it or the location of the event as this will amplify your post into the feeds of people who follow them also.
  4. Claim 5 business listings. There are hundreds of business directories online. Most allow you to claim your listing for free in order to keep in accurate and consistent with your other information. Claim these free listings so you can keep them up to date with address, phone numbers and website information.
  5. Invite people to “like” your Facebook page. Sometimes people interact with your Facebook statuses that are not fans of your page. By clicking the tally of “likes” in a status, a box will pop up showing you the actual users who have interacted.  If they are currently not fans of your page you will be given a button to invite them.
  6. Make a video to post on YouTube and share to social media. Video is taking social media by storm. Technology is making it easy for businesses to produce great quality pieces using nothing but a cell phone and a tripod. Uploading it to YouTube gives you added SEO benefits as Google own YouTube and uses indexes it’s content as part of your page rank score. You can also find easy video editing tools right in YouTube to enhance your videos. 

Less than an hour spent, all of them having an instant impact on your businesses’ digital presence, social media engagement and in turn, your SEO.